Planning Permission and a new bedroom for a London flat

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Planning Permission and a new bedroom for a London flat

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
 Ruang Keluarga oleh Urbanist Architecture, Minimalis
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Today’s designer spotlight shines on Urbanist Architecture, an architectural firm located in London. With more than a decade’s experience behind them, the team at Urbanist Architecture is still just as passionate about good design and increasing clients’ property value as they were on day one. 

What sets this professional team apart from so many others is their commitment to proper planning before starting a project. After all, lack of planning, especially when it comes to architecture, can lead to various mistakes and unnecessary expenses. That is why Urbanist Architecture ensures a project is practical and possible by confirming a client’s job site possesses all the necessary touches for Planning Permission, regardless of the project’s size. 

Let’s take a look at one of their success stories: a client who felt like adding a mezzanine to his loft apartment which was located in Greenwich Academy in southeast London. Now, it’s important to know that the local council wasn’t keen on major alterations, seeing as the apartment was located in a listed building. Needless to say, the client wasn’t also entirely sure on how to go about securing Planning Permission for his dream mezzanine floor, nor get the most out of a project that could afford him spacious interiors, plus a warm and inviting ambience.  

Thanks to the assistance of why Urbanist Architecture, the client secured Planning Permission with Listed Building Consent to build his desired mezzanine floor. Completed most successfully, the new space (100 m²) treated him to an extra bedroom, plus gave his flat a modern makeover perfect for 21st century style. 

Let’s take a look…  

The open-plan kitchen and dining zone

 Ruang Makan oleh Urbanist Architecture, Minimalis Kayu Wood effect
Urbanist Architecture

Smart kitchen and dining area

Urbanist Architecture

How does one make the most out of very little space? An open-plan layout is one way, and seeing as open-plan spaces are considered in vogue, that’s exactly what the professionals in charge opted for. 

Part of the brief was to secure an extra bedroom for the client (which can be seen in the top right), which happened in the form of the mezzanine floor (after Planning Permission with Listed Building consent was granted). 

Lots of available legroom

 Ruang Keluarga oleh Urbanist Architecture, Minimalis Kayu Wood effect
Urbanist Architecture

Open-plan living area

Urbanist Architecture

In addition, the experts also had to gain License to Alter consent from the freeholder. This granted them the right to make any changes to the structure to meet the client’s needs and wants. 

As it was an old building, work started by assessing the height of the ceiling to see if a mezzanine floor was a viable option. 

A superb culinary corner

 Dapur built in oleh Urbanist Architecture, Minimalis Metal
Urbanist Architecture

Convenient kitchen space

Urbanist Architecture

The kitchen didn’t move; however, proceeding with the project did mean that it would now be situated under the staircase leading up to the mezzanine. So, with heaps of creativity and experience, the experts set about to design a compact kitchen with plenty of prepping space (thanks to a spacious island), as well as lots of potential for socialising (thanks to said bar’s matching stools and legroom for moving about). 

Working with space and structure

Thankfully, there was adequate ceiling space for the professionals to come up with a practical and eye-catching mezzanine design. Of course easy access to the new floor was non-negotiable. And if the new staircase took up too much of the legroom on the lower floor, then what would be the point of the project? 

A comfy bathroom

 Kamar Mandi oleh Urbanist Architecture, Minimalis Ubin
Urbanist Architecture

Comfortable bathroom

Urbanist Architecture

Projects focusing on internal structural alterations in listed buildings are no joke. Fortunately, Urbanist Architecture know just how to enjoy results thanks to its creativity and experience. 

That is why, in addition to submitting the project with listed building planning drawings, the firm also included the mezzanine floor structural plans and structural calculations for Building Regulations approval. 

A super spacious (upstairs) bedroom

 Kamar Tidur oleh Urbanist Architecture, Minimalis Metal
Urbanist Architecture

Spacious bedroom area

Urbanist Architecture

And the reaction of the client? Delighted, to say the least, for not only did he gain extra interior space, but also one super smart bedroom. 

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