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Tricks to Make Your Bedroom Stand Out

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It’s a bedroom. It’ll have a bed, cabinets for storage, maybe even a dressing table. Like every other bedroom. How much can you toss and turn a bedroom design within the space to actually make it look different? The difference is essentially one word – you need to go from ‘a’ bedroom to ‘the’ bedroom. ‘The’ bedroom that has a touch of style, the bedroom that your visitors will talk about, the bedroom that reclaims your personal space.

Close your eyes and think of the best bedroom decor you’ve liked from real life and magazines. Neatly arranged beds, a tasteful colour palette, and a few items here and there that really stand out. Those few items are what you need to recreate in your bedroom to convert your ideas for bedroom into a reality.

The best part is that it need not be picture-perfect. The little quirks and quaint corners add the personal touch! Here’s homify's guide to making your DIY bedroom stand out…

An artisan blanket for the bed

An instant way to elevate your bedroom is to invest in an artisan blanket. With luscious weaves and eye-catching patterns, these blankets can create a unique style statement.

Blankets come in a variety of sizes from throw blankets (70”x50”) to king blankets (108”x90”). Find the right size fit so that your blanket doesn’t fill too much from your bed.

Now comes the difficult part of deciding how to choose one that works for you…

An artisan comforter is perfect for hot and humid climates with mild winters. These come with shells or duvet covers and are filled with down feathers or alternatives. The weight of the blanket is generally proportional to how warm it will keep you so choose a relatively light one fitting the local climate. Or there are artisan quilts, hand-woven quilts with intricate detailing which stand out as a great bedroom accessory. They're perfect for warm and humid climates providing the right level of comfort.

Fleece blankets come in bold colours and are add a fluffy warmth to your bed. They are light weight, washable and perfect for warm summer nights. Artisan knitted throws showcase the craftsmanship of the artisan, can be customized for your preferences and make a perfect companion for a balmy summer night. This can be a great DIY bedroom project for you.

Use an artisan blanket in the right size and bold design to add a new look to your bedroom decor!

Small bedroom window garden

Plants can add a refreshing touch no matter where you place them at home. It makes for the best utilization of any spare windowsill space both inside and outside to have your little patch of green. In fact, there are some superb design hacks available even if you don’t have any spare space by the window.

You can install a rotational two-faced planter sill, you have a system to choose if you want your plants inside or outside. It also allows you to shut the window and protect the plants at night! You can create a simple hanging pipe garden which doesn’t take up any window space or hang vertical planters in straight rows.

It’s best to have decorative and flowering plants in your bedroom window garden to accentuate the design and colour.

Big, bold pictures

Photos are a great way to personalize your bedroom. Regular framing and photo walls are good but if you need to move to great, you’ll need to go the extra mile with your photos.

Go big and choose one favourite photo that can be enlarged to the size of the bedroom wall or headboard. A happy picture sets the tone of the bedroom and is a great way to stand out. Or, instead of hanging your pictures in square frames, hang them by a single nail with photos with only diagonal composition. It’s a unique and eye-catching way to do it!

Instead of nailing or sticking the photo frames to the walls, use photo rails and hang your photos with colourful satin ribbons and bows. The attention to details simply exudes so much love!

Mix up your curtains

Often, the bedroom picture we paint in our heads has us wrapping our hands around a nice cup of coffee, sitting by the window as the curtains dance to the wind. You’ll be surprised how changing just the curtains can change a room so much!

Our tips for bedrooms include transparent curtains, but not white ones. Go for coloured transparent curtains with delicate patterns that reflect the mood of the room. These add a sense of style and tone down any of the other loud décors you may be using in the room.

Put small lights in your wardrobe

You may not have a walk-in closet but you can have the next best thing. A bedroom must-have – small LEDs inside your closets. Most come with auto sensors that are set off when you open or close the closet door. Functionally, it prevents fumbling to find clothes in the dark. It gives a renewed feeling when you open the closet making everything bright and nice. Aesthetically, you can add lighting to the frame of the wardrobe which can brighten up your bedroom. 

Choose between ‘day white’ lights which can give your wardrobe a crisp, modern look or ‘warm white’ lights that can transform your space to look inviting and homely.

This light, bright gem was created by Russian-based Co:Interior and shows the real difference lighting can make!

Create a mini living room in the corner

Though this has been seen a lot in bedroom design magazines, it is seldom done in real homes because people feel they may not have the time to ‘sit around’ in their bedroom. Creating a mini living room lets you add a sense of new purpose to the room changing the way you look at it. A mini table to two chairs or just one plush couch, a plant and a lampshade and a floor cushion should do the trick.

Bedrooms are a totally fun place to work with in terms of interiors as there's so much scope for creative expression. Freshen up yours once in a while to rejuvenate your senses! Your dream bedroom may just become a reality.

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