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Premdas Krishna Kamar Tidur Modern
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When futuristic concepts combine with brilliant design, you land up with a residence that wows everyone. Designed by Premdas Krishna – architects in Kerala – this stunning residence is all about a play of colours, patterns, lights and lines which are novel and refreshing. Whether it’s the bedroom or gym, bathroom or swimming pool, living room or foyer – you will come across decorative accents which will take your breath away! The house is an honest ode to luxury and progressive thinking. Take the tour and watch the magic unfold.

A stunning vista of style in the living room

The breathtaking living room brings in the classic appeal of wood, even as it takes the modern theme to a whole new level. A neat open space gives the designers the scope to create a wooded look that is laid down along the lines of modern shapes. A backlit patterned wall stands in between the wooden areas, making for a grand statement. Wood has been used very artistically with glass and mirror, as well as the greenery and marble flooring to create a winning look. The end result is sheer elegance and unparalleled creativity.

The lofty foyer

The foyer of this home is a space that brings in the warm and solid quality of wood, and lets it match step with the white walls and zigzagging lights overhead. A touch of greenery ushers in that understated look of elegance and makes for some natural appeal. The wooden strips on the wall have been neatly laid to replicate classic slats, and the steps graduate in a slow descent from the entrance.

The bedroom – A soothing forest of lavender

Mauve finds a whole new meaning in this beautiful master bedroom. Set on a canvas of pristine, glossy white, the play of grey and mauve in the varied stencils and patterns, as well as the larger than life ceiling cut-outs makes this room an ethereal one. The simple bed with its arched head board creates a mystical look even as it retains its classic appeal. Sunken alcoves with lighting and slats on the walls exude an aura of elegance.

Pink and white in the kid’s bathroom

The charming pink and white bathroom brings alive the bubble gum effect with its candyfloss shades, albeit in subtle tones. The bath tub and bureau are in black, adding a slight edge to the design. The round mirror sits in a pink frame and creates a pretty and snug look.

A touch of serious play in the gym

The gym hits a serious yet cool look with its blue and grey shades that have been juxtaposed in cool looking angles, with mirrors peeping out from strategic spots. The gym gear sits in the middle of the room as lighting takes on a zig zag pattern on the ceiling. White marks the rest of the space, as artworks make a subtle entry to lend a drop of elegance.

Making a fashionable splash – the swimming pool

The indoor swimming pool is otherworldly to say the least. This elegant space features a playfully shaped swimming pool, brimming with cool crystal clear water. Cool patterns line the walls as palm trees add a dollop of nature. The winning element here is definitely the ceiling, with its patterned lighting in cool blue, to reflect the pristine water of the pool.

Larger than life designs come alive in this residence, which is a stunning display of modern and elegant elements. The modern day elements come in the form of linear qualities, while the classic elements have been given a playful twist to fit into an elegant scheme that is also contemporary. The basic elements and colours used in the length and breadth of this home make it a visual treat of sorts, with the strong backing of unique lighting. Check out another home tour for more ideas - A Gorgeous Contemporary Apartment.

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