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Modest kitchen designs perfect for small Indian homes

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Small kitchens no longer mean congested areas with limited storage and workspaces. On homify, our kitchen planners have designed innovative layouts that are ideal for small spaces. These kitchens are designed with a wide variety of materials such as wood, acrylic, marble, granite, ceramic and laminate to make the area attractive and easy to operate. The kitchen furniture has been designed to adapt to the requirements of the users. The creativity used to plan these small kitchens tells us that limited space in the house should not be an obstacle in creating a functional kitchen that will make the user happy.

Here are 10 small and affordable kitchen designs perfect for any small home. They provide the ideal inspiration for enhancing culinary skills and spending quality time with the family. 

1. Minimalist design

This small L shaped kitchenette set up in a corner has all the necessary amenities, including smartly arranged storage that utilises every inch of space. The gleaming wood laminate counter and cabinets make a charming contrast with the white surroundings!

2. Split in the center

The modern kitchen layout created to maximise space as well as the overall theme make this kitchen charming. The elegant storage space has been designed to occupy free space, and the combination of black and white with multiple lights has brought warmth into this humble kitchen.

3. Multipurpose kitchen

The small kitchen in an L shape makes the area look spacious and open while its light colour palette enhances its charm. With the counters and storage area pushed against the corner wall, the design has left sufficient space for setting up a small storage island. The chairs arranged around it creates a tiny tasting zone and prep area. The handle-free shelves and kitchen cabinets give a seamless look to the kitchen. 

4. Monochromatic charm

The kitchen has been designed to hold all essential appliances within the space available. The monochromatic ensemble with a matching mosaic backsplash enhances the eclectic kitchen decor.

5. Clever storage

This smart kitchen is for those who don't like clutter. Cupboards and kitchen cabinets have been created at multiple levels to provide ample storage, and the shelves have been further divided into areas to store utensils, spices and food items without creating chaos. The white colour has been chosen for kitchen walls to make it feel spacious. Black cabinets against a white background with white cabinets thrown in at intervals create a beautiful atmosphere.

6. The charm of beautiful lights

This little eating area arranged within the tiny kitchen is an example of how smart designing can fulfil all needs even with space constraints. Thoughtful decoration options have been used to turn this kitchen into a warm and cosy space with an intelligent choice of colours and decorative elements like drop-down industrial style lights.

7. Perfect modular kitchen

The modular kitchen with a breakfast counter is equipped with the latest built-in appliances. The open design has a classic finish in white with beautiful cabinets. It emphasises that you don't need expensive decor to make a kitchen special. When the budget is limited, or space is a constraint, it makes sense to look towards natural elements to see what they have to offer. A wide door and window with sunlight streaming in create a warm and bright atmosphere.

8. Cosy space

Here again, natural light, as well as the openness of the design, play an essential role in enhancing the functionality of this small kitchen. The parallel layout with work areas pushed to the wall does not let the onlooker realise the lack of space as people can move around comfortably and carry out daily activities.

9. Flip the shelf

Space is never a hindrance for creativity which is visible in this galley style kitchen. Chirpy yellow cabinet doors with a swing-up mechanism make access a breeze while spotless white counters and backsplash create the feel of a well-organised kitchen.

The most difficult task when designing a small house is to design a kitchen. It is one of the most used rooms in the house that needs to be fully functional and well organized. There are many ways to incorporate a nice looking kitchen into your small home, but one must consider to make it beautiful.

10. Bring the outside in

Love the blue sky with fluffy white clouds floating around them? Then, why not bring the outdoors in with a pretty combination like this. The full window brings in natural light, and colourful drop down lamps give a cute touch to the trendy kitchen.

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