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5 hacks for a beautifully organised wardrobe

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Does it also happen to you that whenever you open that bedroom closet / wardrobe you are either filled with despair or getting buried by a toppling pile of T-shirts, pants and goodness-knows-what-else? Maybe it’s time for a clothing declutter?

Today we are tackling 5 creative ways in which you can address some of your clothing storage’s most challenging issues. Who knew a perfectly organised bedroom wardrobe / closet / dressing room was so easy to accomplish? 

Problem 1: You can’t find anything to wear

Whether it’s for work or a social outing, we all know the feeling of standing in front of an open wardrobe with no clue as what to try on. The solution to this problem? Try standing your T-shirts vertically in a drawer!

We all have our favourite T-shirts (or blouses) that we regularly reach for, but if they’re not on top of that clothing pile, the battle is already lost. Avoid rummaging around the middle of a stack by folding your T-shirts and standing them vertically in a drawer. This allows you to immediately see your favourite shirt and lets you extract it without disturbing the rest of that pile. 

Problem 2: You don’t know how to store jumpers and hoodies

Ever heard of “roll ‘em, don’t fold ‘em”? A rich collection of jumpers, no matter how great your intentions, can easily become untidy and unmanageable. The best way to beat this is via a folding-rolling combo. All you need to do is fold that jumper in half, fold the arms in and down instead of into thirds, then roll the jumper up from the bottom. These then need to be stored next to each other in a drawer, which will allow you to easily see your available options without toppling any of them. 

Problem 3: Storing those suit pants

Does the term ‘Savile Row fold’ have any meaning to you? It’s this great folding method that lets you shake that clothing hanger as hard as you can without letting those pants slide off. Try it out by holding your pants upside down beneath the hanger with one leg on either side of it. Then feed the one leg through your hanger and allow it to drop so that it hangs just above the crotch. Fold the second leg over the first and let it also drop on the other side. Done! 

Problem 4: Missing sock pairs

You probably save loads of time by rolling your socks into untidy balls, but did you know that this tried-and-tested ritual actually destroys the elasticity of your socks? And that it can contribute to a rather chaotic-looking sock drawer?

Instead, lay your socks atop one another, then fold them in half (and another fold for those longer socks). This easily ensures a neat package for your sock collection that saves space and allows for easy viewing and access. 

Problem 5: An untidy underwear drawer

To avoid a messy underwear drawer, organisers and dividers are key. Try the one-layer principle once again: fold and stand them vertically so that you can see everything simultaneously. Instead of hanging them randomly over different hangers, roll and compartmentalise them. 

Those different compartments for boxers, briefs, bras and other pieces (like belts and ties) can help group similar sizes and shapes together for a more effective storage solution. 

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