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12 Stunning Desks

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It doesn't matter if you work from home, in an open plan office or in a shed in the garden – your office should be a haven of focus, creativity, inspiration and productivity. This is why your desk plays such an important role! 

Your desk is the focal point of your work space so you want it to be absolutely fabulous. It should be functional, with enough space to get your work done and be inspired, as well as aesthetically pleasing. There should also be enough storage space around it so that you don't end up with a very cluttered and chaotic looking desk.

Today at homify, we are going to look at 12 stunning desks to inspire you when it comes to office furniture! 

Simple & Symmetrical

In this design, we can see how a long desk is perfect if you work from home, especially if you have a work partner. You can both work on one desk, but with plenty of space!

If you go for this option, a symmetrical look like this one, by Plastudio is the way to go. Pretend there is a mirror in the middle of the desk. Each side must mirror the other. Use little bookshelves like these designers have as well as matching chairs!

Neutral Materials

Remember that your desk should be like a blank canvas, ready for you to create and produce something incredible! If you want a truly Zen space, opt for very neutral materials when it comes to your desk, like in this design.

White and a sand wood colour are perfect examples of neutral tones that create that most extraordinary work space. They also work together in perfect harmony. 

You may also be interested in how: Colours influence your bedroom.

Bare Necessities

We saw how beautifully white and wood worked in the previous image, but here we can see how a minimalist design works perfectly for a work space.

Keep your desk clean and neat at all times, packing your work items away at the end of each day. In the morning, you'll be eager to get to work with a clean start! Remember that minimalist design is all about only including the functional items!


Remember that your desk can have a little bit of personality! Include decor items, books, posters and furniture that reflect your personality and your tastes. 

Add some natural decor in the form of a funky cactus, plant or a vase of flowers.

Have a look through the homify office products for inspiration.

Loft Living

Choose a space for you desk that is going to be peaceful and quiet, especially if you work from home. A loft area, like this design by VPS Architetti could be the perfect solution. It's spacious, light and bright. 

A desk placed in a loft area also allows you to remain separate from the rest of the home while not being entirely cut off from it. If your kids are playing downstairs, you can keep an ear out!


If you like a bit more creativity and a bit more inspiration, then add some colour and fun to your desk area. This works especially well if you need to do work that requires some imagination.

In this design, you can see how the designers have utilised the bookshelf, placing colourful books, ornaments and decor above the desk so that this space carries a bit more oomph. Don't you love the vase of purple flowers?

U-Shaped Nook

This type of desk is wonderful if you spend a lot of time at your desk! The U-Shape means that you can tuck in behind your work space with plenty of space around you for paperwork, files and stationery. 

This is a very neat and tidy design, as well as sophisticated. It's a modern take on the classic desk and works well for any room!

Yellow and Black

Now this is a funky design! You don't need to have a plain and conservative desk or office space. Have some fun with the place. 

This design combines grey, yellow, black and white, which come together in perfect harmony. These are fabulous colours, which are sure to inspire some bold and impressive productivity!

Natural Light

No matter where you place your desk, make sure it's in a light spot. You want fresh air and sunlight to filter in throughout the day! 

Invest in skylights or install large windows and doors so that the natural light can filter in throughout the day, naturally warming the space. In the evenings, use a trendy lamp to give your desk a focused, bright light. 

No windows, doors or skylights? Read these: Bright ideas for a windowless room.

Take It Outside

If you really want a quiet space where you can focus and be productive, build a little shed in your garden that's just for you! You can decorate it however you please, with funky, cork walls, wooden floors and ceilings and trendy furniture. Don't you love this design, by Colectivo Creativo?

If you have a little space in the garden, you will also feel like you are actually going to work everyday! Get dressed for success and make your way down the garden path.

Nook & Cranny

You don't have to have a whole room of your home dedicated to your office space. Utilise every little nook and cranny, like the designers have done here. Choose a little corner to place a small desk, chair and some shelves and you've got yourself the perfect little office space.

Your desk doesn't have to be too big either. If you keep it clear and neat then you can get away with a small one like this one. Utilise the shelving for storing books and files!

Stick to a theme

You can create a really beautifully desk space that is both quaint and pretty, like in this design by Pracowniapokla. All that you need to do is stick to a bit of an interior decor theme. Can you see in this design how the decorators have gone for a white theme, with a touch of turquoise? The result is pure perfection!

Don't you love all these different desks? The office space is your oyster!

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