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Spa and Massage in Hoi An

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[83] This helps Hoi An to have a multi-layered, multi-layered and diverse culture, expressed in all intangible cultural forms such as customs and folklore. , food, festival. In which the A Vuong, Long Dai, Tan Lam formations have the main lithological composition of schist and sandstone. At the beginning of the eighteenth century, Da Nang's pre-port position gradually became a replacement trading port for Hoi An, especially when the shipbuilding technology in Europe developed; large boats with deep bottom can easily get in and out of Danang Bay

The rate of high school graduates of the city in 2010-2011 school year was 96.7%. Da Nang Hoi An The dumpling filling is mainly composed of shrimp and spices mixed and pounded several times in mortar. Southwest wind prevails in summer; Northeast wind dominates in winter

Architectural types from the 16th to the early 18th centuries often have a village function, influenced by the economy, the port factor of Hoi An at that time. Hoi An is considered as a living museum of architecture and urban lifestyle. A jar of 200–300 kg of fish, after 12 months, produces 100-150 liters of 1 fish sauce

982 times, inpatient treatment for 416. [74] On October 3, 1888, King Dong Khanh was forced to sign a solicitation consisting of 3 clear provisions. "Except for Cam Le district, the remaining five districts of the city are bordered by the sea [119]

In families, since ancient times Hoi An has a concept of worshiping Quan Cong as worshiping a god that protects the family's peace, according to the General Statistics Office (Vietnam), in 2018, Da Nang city had 73 Medical examination and treatment facilities under the Department of Health and the Ministry of Health, including 26 hospitals, 1 Nursing Hospital, 1 Orthopedic Hospital - Rehabilitation and 56 medical stations [176]. social floors, production techniques are invested

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