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Tour Ba Na Hills 1 day cheap

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No need to go far, eat the world right at Sun World Ba Na Hills - Photo 4. Taxi price from Da Nang to Ba Na falls to about 350. just show your original personal documents such as: household passport, ID card, ID card, driver's license

There will be about 12 food stalls, bringing visitors to the festival a variety of delicacies from 7 Eurasian countries such as Germany, Russia, Italy, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Korea. Not only exploring the world through traditional costumes or a culinary space decorated according to the theme of each country, visitors can also travel to many countries when participating in games with cultural characteristics. nation. We would like to thank and see you in the next article! It is not natural that Ba Na Hill is considered the "trump card" of Da Nang tourism in particular and Vietnam in general

They worked until 6 am that day to finishing painted lines. The interior of Tru Vu Tra Quan is decorated in a minimalist meditation style. Walking in the Fairy Forest, exploring the Dinosaur Park, conquering the summit with the 29m Free Fall Tower, with modern 2D, 3D, 5D movie systems, ... and more than 90 free games at Fantasy Park. It will definitely give visitors a lot of interesting experiences

The downside is that you will have to carry a lot of miscellaneous items, but there is a huge advantage that is the ability to save money. charge as much as possible. Da Nang Booking - Ba Na Hills You should actively remember this activity time to collect arrange travel time reasonably. Behind the hexagonal house is the front panel, the judgment in front of the small courtyard in front of the main hall

The model transformation of the Asian Park has also brought a new look to the park with many new experiences. batch, attracting not only tourists to Da Nang but also city residents. According to the representative of the Tourist Area, this has the meaning of expressing pride and love for Da Nang, for the Vietnamese Fatherland after the victories before the Covid-19 pandemic. Halloween, with Ba Na, is an endlessly happy emotional domain

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