Choose the best fragrance for every room in your home!

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Choose the best fragrance for every room in your home!

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Enchanting fragrances have the amazing power to set different moods for varied ambiances. Which is why, the right scent in the right area of your home can contribute to your home’s harmony, while an off scent can trigger a feeling of being overwhelmed. The nature of fragrance, its strength or subtlety, and its lingering effect can work wonders if used right.

Did you know that scents can be a powerful trigger for your senses and even help recall memories? It is known to be more powerful than music in conjuring up memories.

Your intricately crafted home décor may receive a lot of accolades, but what about the smell? How do you get it to smell like joy, happiness or magic? Well, there is an array of scents out there to choose from. You can experiment with natural essential oils, fresheners, aromatic candles and Japanese or Indian incenses, Paper d’Armenie or French paper incenses for your purpose. Let your nose lead the way, and guide you to the next level.

And the next level is about selecting the perfect fragrances depending on the room you want to freshen up. Every room has a definite purpose, a personality and is often a reflection of the person inhabiting it. So here, we will let you take a sneak peek at which scent is tailor-made for which room!

Pick citrus for kitchens

The kitchen is a room that is already filled with food-based aromas. The strong smell of garlic, the fruity fragrances from an apple, the tangy fragrance from a tomato soup, or the overpowering fragrance of mint, can cloud the kitchen scene and deprive it of much needed freshness. But it is also true that the amalgamation of edible smells is a great way to entice you to come over and taste the food, without a verbal or visual invitation.

So when choosing a fragrance for the kitchen, go for the one that complements the existing flavours. If you choose a floral scent, it’ll end up being a mismatch, giving a confused signal to your senses on what to expect in the area – food, flowers or a mix of both. Instead, a waft of citrus is what will make your kitchen simply perfect. It is a savoury scent (like thyme and basil) that hints freshness and taste. On a different note, this elegant rustic style kitchen was rendered by Marcello Gavioli, artists and artisans from Castiglion Fiorentino.

Relaxing lavender for bedrooms

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bedroom serves different purposes on different days. Some days, you want to unwind and relax. Other days, you want some romance to blossom. Fragrance for a bedroom, when used right, can accent your mood as sense of smell is among the most powerful of our senses. Want to scintillate? Go for a fruity or flowery overtone in your bedroom fragrance. Jasmine, gardenia, sandalwood, and rose scents are also said to nurture the romantic spirit.

But if you are looking for a calm and relaxing good night’s sleep, go for lavender. Lavender is said to have the power to slow down your body by reducing your heart rate and blood pressure, and relaxing your muscles.

Pick peppermint for home offices

The home office is a place where you need to concentrate and get work done. Considering that you are often faced with mundane distractions and lazy temptations all through the day, a proper fragrance for home office can help you stay alert and focus better. Go for a sharp scent like peppermint that can energize the room and prep you up. Using the right scent is also known to improve productivity and even trigger your creativity. And peppermint is known for boosting attentiveness, which makes it a good companion when you need to brainstorm ideas.

Soothing cedar wood or sandalwood for living room

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Sandalwood is one of the oldest fragrances that have been used for its calming influence since ages. In general, just like calm, soft music, you can choose sandalwood or cedar wood fragrances for living room, to induce a relaxed tone. And when you are planning to socialize, go for a more adventurous fragrance like apple, pear or thyme.

Brew a custom scent for the kitchen

Want to brew your own scent? What better place than your own kitchen to do it! And this way, the brewed perfume will not only permeate the kitchen with its aromatic magic, but will also flood the house. You will just need to keep in mind the top note or first impression evaporates quickly, the heart or middle note appears later, lasts longer, and the base note lasts the longest. So you can choose a citrus or peppermint for your top note, a spicy something for your middle note (cinnamon for example) and vanilla, sandalwood or cedar wood for your base note.

Choose wisely between candles and diffusers

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Are you on team candle or team diffuser? There is no right answer here. You need to be on both a bit — since they just have different uses. Candles and diffusers each come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Some type of candles can leave a soot residue and others can create a pool of wax that can be difficult to clean.

So think of using candles for a more intimate setting like dinner or bath, as they also give off light, changing both the ambiance and mood. And use a diffuser if you want something stable for regular everyday use, where you can set it and forget it. The only catch is that you’ll need to buy yourself a good diffuser glass bottle to match your décor.

While choosing scents, as a basic rule, go for those that work harmoniously with your décor. For example, a fresh pine scent doesn’t go with a beach house. But vanilla or spice can go well with a home with earthy tones. Be careful to always know the difference between deliciously inviting and nauseating. At the end of the day, your home should smell like… well… home! Here’s another story you might find interesting - How to deep clean your house in under an hour—it’s possible!

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