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10 Fabulous Headboards for Bedrooms!

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It may be small or big, it may feature discrete tones or bold colours, it may be very sophisticated or made with very simple materials – what really matters is that your headboard in your bedroom is made exactly the way you like and truly represents your personality. Invest well because you'll probably have your headboard for a very long time.

In this ideabook, we will put ten styles of headboards on display and take you on an imaginary walk through different times and places, from the Mediterranean coast to the exotic East. You will find out exactly what type of design, colour, shape and style you want for your headboard so that when you go bedroom shopping, you know exactly what to look for!

1. Mediterranean

This type of headboard is exposed, creating a wonderful ambiance of freshness and lightness. It reminds us of a beach or coastal look and feel. It shows us just how important light and warmth is for materials like this, creating a beautiful design. 

This is why Home Staging Factory has focused their attention on a headboard made from multiple slats of natural wood, which are arranged together to create a rectangular shape. The headboard also holds two small lamps on each side, which makes it seem like sun is soaking up the bedroom!

2. Modern

The modern style of the 21st century has meant a turning point in furniture design. DELIFE knows very well how to meet the contemporary needs that life demands of us!

A wonderful example of this is the headboard in this design, which forms the entire structure of the bed. The design reflects a duality between ergonomics and modern style, fusing together function and modern art. 

Don't you love it?

3. Asian

Arttundra brings us a bedroom style that combines representative elements of Eastern cultures such as Korean and mysticism, Japanese and elegance , and the unique design of the Chinese environment. 

Thus the headboard of the bedroom is made up of pure, cream tones with an oriental design, while still offering padded support to the bedroom. Comfort meets subltety!

4. Colonial

Mariangel Coghlan's signature design is perfect for a bedroom like this, where simplicity and firmness are prominent features of the decor of a bedroom. 

It is defined by matt black bed posts, where the headboard is an extension of this design. The headboard is made up of several different lines and shapes, creating a design that looks very visually harmonious. It serves as the focal point for all of the decor in the room, bringing the best of colonial style to modern urban life.

5. Rustic

If subtle, harmonious and homely is what inspires you, then a rustic theme is definitely for you. It creates a wonderful bridge between natural and sophisticated.

Under this theme, Biogibson has created a headboard made of multiple wooden pallets that are placed vertically on the wall to create a visual rhythm that comes together in a white, faded tone. This gives us a style that never goes out fashion, with a versatility that is unsurpassed.

Have a look at what else you can do with pallets in this ideabook on: cool furniture for almost nothing: using pallets.

6. Classic

Suite Bathroom LOLA 38 Hotel BedroomBeds & headboards
LOLA 38 Hotel

Suite Bathroom

LOLA 38 Hotel

A style that remains unchanged is undoubtedly the classic look and feel. Its characteristics exude elegance, refinement and conservatism, which were very common in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Lola 38 Hotel have featured a headboard in this space that creates a solemn feeling of nobility, thanks to the elaborate trim. The colour is the perfect combination of chocolate and cream – very elegant!

Similarly, the framing structure features a carved tapestry that portrays the neatness and purity of this traditional style.

Have a look through the homify bedroom products for inspiration for your own home!

7. Eclectic

A mixture of styles can create a very eclectic look and feel, which we can see in the form of this headboard. It adds orginality and style to the room!

The NIV3L design places emphasis on the headboard, which merges with the wall to create a total overall composition. It also breaks up the space thanks to the storage of books and other items that are in display. This decorates the headboard, softening it and making it slightly more interesting.

8. Tropical

If your tastes lean towards a more natural and fresh style where you like to incorporate nature into the design, then BR Architects offer the perfect design to inspire you to decorate your bedroom – a tropical style.

This design consists of a headboard that is made up of a raw wood, which really brings a natural look and feel to the room. It also creates tone and texture thanks to the diagonal lines and classic tones of the material. This sets the mood for the rest of the room.

9. Innovative

A|H Decoration and Interior Design give us something to think about with their design and production that truly stands out thanks to how unique and genuine it is. 

A clear example is the furniture that we see here, which combines coffee cream tones with an unusual wooden headboard. 

Look at how much warmth and spaciousness is created in this room.

10. Minamilst

These days any decor and furniture that brings balance to our homes, creating a more simple space, is popular. Minimalist style is designed to take away complexities and leave you with the functional and the minimal.

This is why RM Architecture have used simple shades of grey and white, which communicates versatility and serenity. The rectangles of the cushy headboard also create a graceful form of geometry.

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