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​These 12 modern homes will make your jaw drop

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Undoubtedly, a stylish and gigantic house is at the top of most people’s bucket lists. And with good reason, too; a fantastic house allows us to live in luxury; it is a symbol of decadence and a high-quality lifestyle; and it conjures up jealousy in others. 

Since fantasising costs absolutely nothing, we thought we’d spoil you to some decadent daydreaming by delivering to you no less than 12 modern houses that can only be described as jaw-dropping. 

Get ready for some fabulous facades!

1. Multi-layered

You know you made it when you have your own stylish fish pond as part of your chic facade. But in all honesty, even without that glass-surface koi pond, this edgy house would still be on our radar. 

With its eye-catching design of multiple layers and fearless use of dark colours, can you imagine a better spot to list for your address? Neither can we.

2. Class with curves

Few architects know how to embody luxury as perfectly as Aquiles Nícolas Kílaris does. What he does with building materials is nothing short of artistic perfection – and, of course, decadent opulence. 

This beauty above boasts about its size and grand layout with pride, and certainly inspires a bit of envy in most people who feast their eyes upon that amazing facade.

3. Stylish socialising

One of the many advantages about a high-class home is definitely the abundance of entertaining. And won’t you and your social squad just look perfect in this modern space above? 

Clean and tranquil tiled floors, pristinely manicured garden touches, elegant furnishings, and stylish décor that is neither too much nor too little.

4. It comes with a view

Blue Jay Way McClean Design Rumah Modern
McClean Design

Blue Jay Way

McClean Design

Nothing beats a marvellous view; it can be enjoyed either by yourself or with your friends. Well, we think that this modern space is just dreamy, but is certainly helped along by the fact that it looks out over the surrounding neighbourhood stretching out into the horizon. 

And look, there’s even a chic fire spot, which means some prime outdoor socialising regardless of winter’s icy grip!

5. Futuristic living

If you want your amazing house to be truly noticeable, it needs to have a design that will make most people go “wow”. And we think that this futuristic vision of a house is ideal. 

Geometrically shaped out of crisp concrete, with selective touches of stone and gravel, this house hits all the stylish notes. And when twilight approaches and those lighting fixtures start to glow… well, see for yourself!

6. Teasing the interiors

We know that a house’s interiors are just as important as what goes on outside. And this modern design likes to remind us of that: see how those generous windows (three storeys high!) tease us as to what goes on inside? 

A zigzag staircase and cosy ambience is all we can make out from this angle, yet it’s enough: we’re already sold on that exquisite size and stylish patio!

7. An oval style

Seeking something a bit… different? Then how do these oval and curvy decorative shapes grab you? These touches are superb for those of us wanting more than just linear planes and straight surfaces when it comes to our house’s facade. 

After all, nothing says “welcome” to your guests quite like a giant loop framed in front of your front door!

8. A cantilevered look

No need to feel like tipping over – this house is solid as a rock, although it’s not the impression it gives from this angle. We love the majestic-sized volumes sticking out from one another, aimed at different directions to ensure world-class views from every angle of this modern mansion, which is located amidst rocky hills and giant mountains.

9. Flat, yet fabulous

Who says you need staircases and multiple storeys for a mega modern house? This ground-floor wonder is unique in its own right, and worlds away from being deemed unstylish by any standards. 

Many modern houses opt for a one-storey design, which really helps to make the interior flow and feel unrestricted. And if it happens to come with that gorgeous wooden deck and spacious swimming pool, then everything is just perfect!

10. Chic building blocks

Who knew rectangles could be so stylish? Seen from afar, this modern house (for lack of a better word) looks simply dazzling, thanks to its warm interior lighting. 

But special notice must also go to those superb timber and glass coatings, which go a long way in transforming this residence into an envy-inducing living space.

11. One fabulous country cottage

This is country living done most glamorously. Stone and glass combine to conjure up a simple structure, yet it is the additional touches (like those amazing windows and glass doors) that make this house a modern, memorable beauty. 

And the fact that this house’s lawn is a stretched out landscape with lush trees doesn’t hurt either.

12. Lit-up luxury

We close off with an example of how the right lighting (both interior and exterior) can make a structure seem ultra gorgeous. But those crisp white glows added to select surfaces are only part and parcel of why this house is so magnificent. The generous glass panes, expertly crafted garden, and cantilevered volume also do their share to make this house a most striking space to call ‘home’. 

Want to see more of this lit-up beauty? Then take a look at: Welcome to Villa Hollywood.

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