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Green is soothing and relaxing yet refreshing at the same time, making it an ideal colour to use in interior design. Green is also the colour of the heart chakra which when opened allows a person to be more loving and compassionate. This ideabook features 5 different gorgeous shades of green used in the kitchen, bathroom, hallway, and bedrooms. Let's try not to go green with envy as we feast our eyes on these beautiful rooms. 

A slight hint of mint in the bedroom

ZERO9 Kamar Tidur Klasik

The slight hint of mint on the walls gives the bedroom a barely there not overdone look, perfect for a conservative love of green. The minty green walls of this bedroom sets the stage for other shades of green like the sultry olive green used for the duvet and cushions. This bedroom shows that you can go green without being too dramatic about it. Subtle shades of green pervade this bedroom, and give it a soothing and relaxing feeling. 

Going green in the children's bedroom

Green is the color of regeneration and growth, making it suitable for a child's bedroom. Different shades of green fused with yellow are used in this children's bedroom, creating a harmonious blend of cool and warm colors. This frolicking children's bedroom is designed by Neeras Design Studio, interior designers and decorators based in Chennai. 

Refreshing emerald green shower room

This emerald green shower room exudes a refreshing feeling, perfect for a rejuvenating experience in the bathroom. The brilliant, deep shade of green tiles used here is unusual and unique, showing a passionate love for green. If you love green, then you might as well bathe in it right? Now you can finally express your undying love for green, naked, in all it's glory. 

Turquoise inspiration in the kitchen

So you have a curious love for green, but also love blue, so what to do? Choose turquoise. This soothing yet refreshing shade of turquoise green adds a vibrant splash of color to the kitchen and brings it to life. Try a dose of turquoise inspiration in your kitchen and be pleasantly surprised. Browse through more kitchens here on homify for more inspiration. 

Dramatic hunter green hallway

Hunter green is a dark green of yellowish cast which works well for well lit hallways, giving it a dramatic look. The elaborate designs and vibrant colors on the ceiling compliment the beautiful shade of green on the walls, creating a richer and fuller visual experience. For more interior design ideas using the color green, have a look at a hint of mint

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