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A glamorous curvy home in the tropics

April Kennedy April Kennedy
Designer de Interiores e Paisagista Iara Kílaris Rumah Modern
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There is something utterly sensual about the voluptuous home we will explore today. It has copious curves, a lavish pool, plush outdoor setting and lots of glossy finishes. But this is not just a home of streamlined shapes. The gentle undulating lines have informed the very structure of the building. This makes it more than just a plush residence; it is a cosy private home with all the decadent glory of a high-end tropical resort.

So how did the designers create such a place? Well, today we will explore the project through a series of lavish photos. It comes to us courtesy of Brazilian interior architect Iara Kilaris. Come with us on a tour to see all the glitzy details. We promise you'll enjoy the journey!

Streamlined tropical facade

The white and pale coral facade has the bright and breezy feel of a holiday home. Every lavish abode needs to exude an atmosphere of abundance, and here we get that sense from the lavish curves and bright palm trees. Curves encourage our eyes to move fluidly around a space, and this is one home where gentle curves have really been put to work.

A shapely pool

After passing through the front entrance, we come directly into the outdoor entertaining area with a curvy outdoor pool. The pool has been built right up to the wall of the home and every other inch of space has been covered in timber decking. There isn't much of a garden, but instead we have a flamboyant palm tree and small pebble garden.

Exotic outdoor kitchen

On the other side of the outdoor entertaining area we have a great view of the unusual curvy roof. Directly in front is an outdoor kitchen with adequate coverage. It is otherwise open to the elements, but this shouldn't be an issue in warm and temperate Brazil. Out of frame on the left is the doorway to the street and on our right is a doorway into the inner sanctum of the home. We will explore this in a moment.

Private entrance

Before we explore the interior, we would like to explore the door that leads to the street again. Here we can see the curved ceiling feature in better detail. We can also get a sense of the layout. Outdoor entertaining areas are often hidden away at the back of the house and this makes them feel like completely separated parts of the home. But this abode has an outdoorsy ambience that really defines the spirit of the home right from the entrance.

False ceiling with recessed lighting

On entering the home, we come to a combined living, dining and kitchen room. The living room is distinguished by a curvy false ceiling with soft, recessed lights. The area is relatively compact, but the strong curve encourages our eye to move seamlessly around the room. This increases the sense of space and abundance. A mirrored wall on the right further emphasises this feeling.

Circular kitchen skylights

The modern kitchen has no windows, but enjoys lots of natural sunlight from the skylights. Brazilian designers are known for their flamboyance and the splashy red lacquer furniture and glossy gold pendant lights certainly add a touch of glamour. We love how the wall cabinets have been raised to meet the ceiling and create a rather large opening above the workspace.

Plush, romantic bedroom

The romantic bedroom has a headboard with subtle, gold floral wallpaper. The decadent look is further emphasised with bold bedside lamps and reflective side panels. This is a glamorous bedroom completely devoid of clutter and brimming with romance.

Small lavish bathroom

The small lavish bathroom has an unusual vanity and a lot of appeal. The vanity is composed of undulating lines that are reflected in the shape of the false ceiling panels. For the final touch, a feature wall has been covered in tiny glittering gold tiles. This may be a small bathroom, but it exudes an atmosphere of abundance.

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