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An apartment transformes like MAGIC

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Before the renovation, this apartment in Seville, Spain, had little grace. The unadorned walls, dissonant furniture, and grimy coats of paint rendered the apartment a disaster. It was a pity because the home is in the Plaza de Salvador, a beautiful corner of the Spanish city, marked by a 18th century church. Fortunately, Inuk Home Studio, architects based in Spain, decided to turn this old, neglected apartment into a young space full of colour. 

Join us on this before and after tour today to see how the living room is revamped and updated with comfortable and aesthetically pleasing furniture, while mood lighting and traditional tiles breathe life and soul into the home. The kitchen and bathrooms have also been transformed and given new life. 

We hope you will find some interesting ideas and refreshing inspiration for your home through this before and after tour. Let's have a look at this incredible apartment transformation shall we? 

Before: a dull room

Before the renovation, the living room looked neglected. The friendly wooden table looked completely out of place in the room, while the walls were grimy, and the furniture arrangements were poorly planned. To make matters worse, the fluorescent light gave a monotonous, dull look to the room. 

After: a room full of life

We absolutely love how the wooden ceiling has been revitalized, highlighting the beautiful beams of solid wood in a darker, contrasting tone. The simple adornments like the lamps with organic forms, framed photos, and the splashes of vibrant colour give a youthful appearance to the room. After the renovation, the room feels and looks full of life. 

Before: a disorganized kitchen

Before the remodeling, the kitchen was severely disorganized because of bad planning and inadequate storage space. A shelf over the sink made life difficult for those who were taller and needed to wash dishes. It also made the space look cluttered and messy. The rubbish bin and refrigerator on display gave an unorganized look to the space.

After: a charming kitchen

After the remodeling, quilt patchwork tiles give the kitchen a funky look. The architects achieved this effect by mixing tiles of the same color but with different patterns. The shelf above the sink has been removed, making the wall appear taller and the kitchen look bigger. Last but not least, the rubbish bin and the fridge have been hidden away in order to create a more organized looking kitchen. 

Before: a deteriorating bathroom

Time and mold seem to have taken over this bathroom, leaving it in a miserable state. The accumulated stains give an appearance of carelessness to the bathroom and make the white walls appear hideous. The deteriorating bathroom had a dull appearance, since white was the only colour used.

After: a bathroom full of colour

It's hard to imagine this is the same bathroom right? The wash basin gained a bold color, and the wall a lick of baby blue paint. Although the highlight is really the beautiful patchwork tiles with traditional prints. Again, the architects used tiles of similar color, but different patterns, giving the bathroom a funky look. The renovated bathroom is full of colour and bursting with life. 

Before: an uninviting room

Before the remodeling, the smooth walls left the room without much grace or colour. The sofas of different colors and designs did not fit very well with each other or with the wooden table. There was no lamp next to the seats, which made the small room corner dark and uninviting. To make matters worse, there was a lack of space to stretch your legs, making the place over-crowded and uncomfortable. 

After: a welcoming space

As you can see, the architects commissioned new furniture and made the room a space with multiple uses. In the foreground you see a table with chairs where residents can have meals; the middle, a space to watch television; and in the back, an armchair to relax. When having friends or guests over, residents can use the entire space since there are no walls dividing the different areas. 

A cosy bedroom

The small, cosy bedroom does not have much more than a bed and two lamps. To make the room appear larger, the architects left the walls white and installed a mirror on one wall. The natural fiber mat has a similar color to the floor, which reduces the feeling of tightness. Air conditioning and television are fixed to the walls, freeing up more floor space. 

A revitalized balcony

Who wants to be indoors when you can enjoy the sights and the warm climate of Seville? In order for residents to truly enjoy the balcony, the construction team installed a carpet of artificial grass on the floor plus a garden wall composed of wooden boards with vessels. The furniture made of natural fibers and metal give a charming touch to the balcony. 

We hope you've enjoyed this before and after tour as much as we have. For more home tips, inspiration, and interesting ideas, have a look at 7 brilliant small balcony makeover ideas for Indian apartments

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