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4 Tips for Maintaining Your Roof Over Winter

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Winter can be a wonderful time of year, but it’s also fraught with many difficulties, especially for homeowners. Exposed to pretty much everything Mother Nature throws at them, our homes and in particular, our roofs, can become damaged during the colder months, and problems left unrepaired during the warmer months, can quickly become worse during snow and hailstorms. 

As such, it’s vital that we try to keep our roofs in tip top condition so that they can endure winter and keep us safe, warm and protected in time for spring. Here are 4 tips for maintaining roofs over winter and preparing them for the colder months: 

1. Get rid of any debris

On the lead up to winter, and throughout the colder months, wind can deposit all manner of debris onto your roof, and if left, it can become a hazard or even cause damage to your roof. This usually causes the biggest problems for gutters, and when they become blocked, it can spell all kinds of trouble. 

If it’s not safe to get up onto your roof to check for debris, or to clear your gutters, you can always call on a roofing contractor to come and do it for you safely and efficiently.

2. Clear snow

While snow on top of your roof looks pretty, it can be very dangerous if left uncleared, and even if the snow melts, you could be left with an ice dam. Ice dams can cause a significant risk to anyone in the immediate vicinity of your home, and if your vents become blocked by snow or ice, there is a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Clear the snow and ice away as soon as possible, and again, if not safe to do so, seek help from a roofing contractor. 

3. Make repairs to damaged flashing

Checking your flashing before the onset of winter is always a good idea, and if you spot any rips or tears, you should have them professionally repaired as soon as possible to prevent water from being able to penetrate your roof. If you’re unsure what condition your flashing is in, and it’s not safe to get up onto your roof and check, then make a quick call to a local roofing company and have them come out and inspect it, and make any necessary repairs. 

4. Trim trees and large bushes

Any trees or large bushes that are close to your roof, or overhanging it, should be trimmed well before winter kicks in, and especially before hurricane or tornado season starts (depending upon where you live). A local arborist can trim the trees if you’re unable to, but don’t neglect to do this as the results can often be disastrous and almost certainly, dangerous. 

Doing everything you can to maintain your roof throughout the year, will help it continue to perform well for many years to come, but special attention should always be paid to it preceding, and during winter.