​Before And After: 5 Beautifully Renovated Kitchens

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They say change is as good as a holiday – but they also say ‘here today, gone tomorrow’. And since trends come and go and we humans are designed to desire change, it inevitably leads to us implementing amendments in our personal spaces. And more often than not, that includes revamping interior rooms, such as the kitchen. 

But renovating a kitchen can encompass a number of different actions – sometimes small and cheap, other times large and costly. That is why we want to take a look at a few examples of renovated kitchens in today’s ‘before and after’ piece.

Whether it was because of not enough lighting or outdated appliances, each and every one of our following examples had ample reasons to desire a change for the better – which is exactly what they got.

1. Before: Old and dark

Most often, the reason for a kitchen revamp has to do with a lack of space. And in the majority of these cases, it is not because the kitchen is too tiny, but because he owners are living a cluttered life. Add to this outdated furniture and décor, and then a renovation sounds like a dream come true.

Our first example is of a kitchen that does show a hint of promise, yet required a bit of TLC. But the fact that its only source of natural light was a small window to the adjoining room was a big no-no for its owners (and, honestly, for us too). 

Let’s see its transformation.

1. After: Modern and bright

Now this is much better. After deeming the kitchen too dim, our designers tore out the wall between the kitchen and the adjoining room, resulting in a more open and light space.

In addition, the dreary wooden cabinets got a sleek makeover (now flaunting a clean and gleaming white), and the tiled flooring made way for an elegant timber surface. 

An improvement? We certainly think so!

2. Before: Dull dining

While a boring and outdated kitchen can’t inspire five-star cooking, an old and dreary dining room certainly can’t be counted on to enjoy those dishes. Case in point this dining space, which seems almost tucked away and forgotten, yet not completely hopeless. 

The main culprits? Those white wall tiles and tiled flooring, which are dragging this space down. 

Let’s see what our designers achieved…

2. After: Fabulous feasting

Hard to believe, but yes, this is the same space! The magical transformation included ripping out a wall to make the kitchen, dining area, and living room flow as one, making all three seem more spacious and open. 

The old white wall tiles are gone, and in their place we find a stunning new marble surface – much more elegant. 

And, of course, who could overlook that new timber flooring, light years away from the rustic-red tiles we started out with.

3. Before: Chaotic clutter

It is amazing the amount of clutter we can accumulate over time – no wonder we are always complaining about a lack of space. Add to that kitchen cabinets that are severely outdated, oversized appliances that are demanding impossible locations, and a colour scheme that is just ‘bleh’, and no wonder that a transformation was suggested for this kitchen.

3. After: Sleek and sexy

Ta-da! A makeover done superbly well. Tired wall tiles made room for a simple grey backsplash, contrasting most beautifully with the cherry red surface of the walls’ top areas. 

Add to this new countertops (much more elegant and modern than the previous ones) and a removal of oversized appliances and cluttered elements, and we have a kitchen space that can make even the biggest cooking novice want to try out new recipes.

4. Before: Small and cramped

Nobody said that you need enough room in the kitchen to swing a cat; however, difficulty to move is also not ideal, especially if you’re multi-tasking between different projects such as cooking, slicing, rinsing, etc. 

The kitchen space above was much too small for its owners, resulting in expert designers being called up to come help with a makeover.

4. After: Bigger and better

What do we notice first? The doorway section at the end of the kitchen has been taken out, making the kitchen seem much lighter and open than it was. 

In addition, the old counters made room for more modern models (sleek and slim is the answer here). And notice that some of the top counters at the end were also taken down to ensure a more open look for this kitchen.

5. Before: An outdated look

However small an area is, there is always room for a stylish change or two. This kitchen above had some very outdated wall tiles, while its cabinetry were not what you would call ‘modern’. And although the grey marble countertop showed promise, our designers decided to come up with something new…

5. After: Hello, gorgeous

What a welcome change! The grey marble has been replaced by a sandy-toned timber surface, which extends the entire area of the backsplash – quite striking. New crisp-white counters were also added in, as well as a new chair and table on the side.

It is clear that the replaced downlighters are sparkling their approval from the ceiling most jovially. 

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