A Vibrant Mexican Home with Oodles of Style

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Taller Estilo Arquitectura Kamar Tidur Gaya Eklektik
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Not every home can blend vibrancy with quirky touches and elegant designs with panache. It takes imagination, planning and a keen sense of aesthetics to achieve this union. Luckily for La Casa Desnuda in Merida, the architects at Taller Estilo Arquitectura were able to combine peppy colours, quirky accents, brilliant lighting and efficient utilisation of space to create an impact which will stun you effortlessly. What more, this lofty but horizontally compact residence is loaded with refreshing organic touches and an elegant pool too.

Merida, the capital of Yucatan is a lively city which boasts of its rich colonial and Mayan heritage, and is home to beautiful colonial architectures. But this modern design gem in the midst of all this is a treat for the eyes.

A Lush and Charming Façade

The façade wears a neat stone-laden look, set within a narrow space. The home opens its massive glass doors to a compact lap pool and rejuvenating greenery. The double height glass and metal doors lead you into the home, and from here you can catch a glimpse of the mezzanine floor beyond the living area. Bright lights deck the walls on either side of the approach towards the home, and the interiors as well. A couple of bright and shiny green chairs flaunt their curvy contours near the pool, and promise relaxed seating.

Vibrant and Artsy Mezzanine

Sleek and minimalistic couches adorn the mezzanine floor, with a quirky and unique coffee table set in the centre. The table is a riot of colours, and livens up the pale grey interiors effectively. The wooden flooring exudes cosy warmth, while a rotund vase of fresh flowers add a hint of natural goodness to the space.

Dining Room with a Surprise

The dining room has been done up in rich wooden tones, and is set under the mezzanine floor. The design of the table is a basic and practical one with a plank on a metal frame. When combined with the saddle-style stools, it gives a neat and chic edginess to the space. The kitchen lies just beyond, with wooden cabinets and chrome appliances rubbing shoulders with the solid metal bearings of the space. The quirky bookshelf on the left has been designed to fit beautifully under the staircase, while focused lighting makes it all look crisp. The large and vibrant painting decking the wall of the stairway takes our breath away, owing to its quirky appeal which adds spice to the kitchen and dining.

One of a Kind Bedroom

A brilliant and colourful painting spruces up the wall behind the simple but plush bed in this exclusive bedroom. And it infuses the white and wooden space with tons of visual interest. The glass enclosure in the corner is actually like a conservatory, and offers cosy seating surrounded by indoor plants. This organic touch has taken this bedroom’s style quotient to a whole new level. Also, the hardwood floor and the recessed lighting make the space a comfortable and soothing one at the same time.

A Stunning Courtyard

Who said that a courtyard can only be accommodated in a big home? This compact home also boasts of a green and Zen space where one can find inner peace and joy, thanks to the play of interior landscaping and design. The stone walls and the glass doors are the naked elements that further highlight the green beauty of the space.

Inspired by the spirited design and decor of this cheerful, artsy and quirky abode? We are too! So feel free to incorporate the ideas you loved in your own project. And here's another tour if you are looking for more ideas - A Breathtaking Villa with Oodles of Uniqueness.

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