Cafeeiro 01 ruang komersial gaya eklektik oleh studio aku eklektik kayu wood effect | homify

Cafeeiro is a coffee shop which has a meaning of Coffee Tree. This philosophy then being used to branding its self. From the philosophy, for the interior, we choose to pich a one tome material. Wood palette is our main material due to the uniqueness of the material and the budget that the Client has. The significant accent when entering this coffee shop is its ceiling pattern. the ceiling pattern is a symbolize of coffee tree which is implemented as a modern art pattern. Due to the request of the needs for exhibits some product as other features besides as a coffee specialist, then the ceiling pattern is design to bent and become a hanging shelf to display some decorative stuff and selling goods. Both in the first and second floor have the same pattern which continuous an create a cohesive design. The spaces has a different type of furniture such as a hanging table for working desk, hanging table for 2 to 4 people, a sofa table set, and multi-function self as a table and display shelf.

Warna: Brown
Materi: Kayu
Area: 108 m²
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