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Tampak Depan Ahouse 3 studiopapa Rumah Minimalis
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Tampak Depan Ahouse 3 studiopapa Rumah Minimalis


“An Attention Grabbing Building”, this house immediately sparks a warm conversation in the neighborhood when it was completed. The passersby may not think that the building is a home and questioning why such a shape emerges within the area. In contrast to the neighbors, Ahouse is purposely designed to be minimal and modern. The boxes are stacked to produce a dynamic mass composition. The new unfamiliar building represents the owner, a married young couple, with a hope to bring a new energy to the environment.

The client wants a house that can accommodate a communal activity such as religious meeting. Therefore, living and dining area on the ground floor are designed to be open with “double height” to provide a comfortable space for communal activities. Natural lighting is also maximized to keep the house bright throughout the day.

On the second floor, the master bedroom position adjacent to the study room, making it easy for the parents to interact with the children. The study room has a window with a unique view, designed to fit for children or person with the sitting position. At the end of every stairways, the occupants will catch a glimpse of view of the “Roh Kudus Church”.

Bedrooms for children are located on the third floor. Each bedroom has a private balcony with a unique view. When the weather is clear, Mount Arjuno Welirang will be visible from the balcony. A prayers room stands between the two bedrooms. There is also a space for family barbeque with a view of surrounding residential area. In addition, there are spaces for the children to explore in every floor, deliberately designed so that occupant especially children would actively engaged with the house.

Area: 250 m²
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