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Apakah anda menyukai proyek ini?
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Apakah anda menyukai proyek ini?
Hubungi untuk info lebih lanjut.

Typology:  Hospitality Photo quality: High  Photo distribution permission: Yes Main references used: Funk, Vintage

Project developer (Architect Interior design studio):  Class International (Distributor) and DOMISILIUM STUDIO, PLC (Architect and ID)

Credits photo INFO ABOVE.

More info:


Day and night are two different variables of space that are close to young (millennial) business travelerís life. In this project, we try to combine the continuum of those two different time and space in the form of interior elements and layout of this one of a kind business hotel.  We combined metal and wood to reflect ìThe Rigorsî of daytime and ìThe Warmthî of the night where hangout time and resting time are needed to salve all the previous rigors.  We make two spacetime zone in this hotel. The Daytime zone (The Rigors) with its metal character applied in those transition area; receptionist, grab&go, and meeting room. Meanwhile at The Night time zone (The Warmth) we are using a lot of wood material to represent warmth character to be applied at the restaurant and guestroom area. In the restaurant, we also added some playfulness that reflects warmth and coziness throughout the playroom, library, dining room, and the balcony zone.

With these design approach we hope that Rooms Inc is not just going to be a regular business hotel as a transit place to sleep, but it is more like a home away from home for everyone to return to.

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