Sell teak corrosion sell teak corrosion pusat perbelanjaan gaya industrial oleh jati mulya indah industrial kayu wood effect | homify

sell teak corrosion sell teak corrosion

We are teak wood suppliers in Java Buying and selling old teak wood, house chunks in the form of fork (beam), usuk, reng, board, gebyok, corrosion teak wood Serving large and small parties. Price can be negotiable after the grade check location comes to our warehouse Prices can change at any time, paid cash after the wood is grade

Warna: Amber/Gold
Materi: Kayu
Panjang: 300 m
Lebar: 25 m
Tinggi: 15 m
Area: 2000 m²
Harga: Rp300,000
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