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Established in August 2011 in Surabaya Indonesia, Simple Projects Architecture (SPA) is a statement in respond to our passion for architecture, interior design and urban design. This developing boutique design studio is led by Nikko Lendra as Principal Architect and Meyliza Kotama as Interior Design Director.

Our studio started off with two small scale projects, however these two simple projects had allowed us to be particularly detailed about the design and enabled us to follow each of the design process thoroughly from beginning to the end. That is when we felt the name Simple Projects Architecture would be suitable to embody the spirit, passion and experience we had (and would like to have) towards each design project.

Furthermore into the philosophy of Simple Projects Architecture, we always want to add a “surprise element” into our design project. We are intrigued by the idea of “Simple Appearance in Complex Experience”, and this complexity can be utilized in the details of a building, the flexible space program organization, and emotional attachment that we infused into the design, similar to a photography masterpiece that one might need several views to be able to comprehend the intention of a photographer trying to convey.

And it fascinates us that a concept of “Simple yet Complex” that we offer will trigger polemical conversation from general public that have experienced it and hence express the value and distinctiveness of our architectural and design approach.

Inspired by simple things, we take along emotional attachments we have experienced and came across then reintroduce them into our design to suit current requirement. This combination of “Simple yet Complex” concept and emotional attachments has been our foundation in designing thus far.

Therefore, our design objective is simple too, it will be great if our passion can become a ‘paid hobby’ and each of our designs that we crafted could enhance a little value and meaning to its inhabitants. We believe architecture is about a connection between a building, environment and humans, and these three must synergize to create a balance in life.

Simple Projects Architecture has a number of completed works, including Private Residences, Offices and Schools located in Surabaya and Jakarta.

  • Architectural design
  • Interior design
  • Landscape design
  • Urban design
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