Marvin Windows and Doors UK


Unit 1, Prov. Ind. Est., Pump Lane
UB3 3NE Hayes


As some others have said, do not deal with these rogues. We ordered some new windows and paid a deposit. They did a survey of the windows and said they would be ordered. This was last year. Since then we have heard nothing and emails and phone calls have not been responded to. This has left us £4,000 out of pocket. I have tried issuing a CCJ but this has been returned as they do not appear to be in business any more. Buyer beware.
sekitar 2 bulan yang lalu
No replies to emails and no one answers the phone, with this type of service I can only think they have gone under . Ordered some additional Doors and windows last year and not heard a thing.
7 bulan yang lalu
When the first review of this company here is written by a person who works in their 'service and installation department' (Oktaj Alijev) you have to wonder who wrote all the other positive reviews. (If Oktaj's five star rating is no longer visible, you'll know that the company has read my review.) We chose the windows because of the aluminium-clad design. Problems ensued as soon as they were installed ... or rather weren't installed properly. The locks also break regularly, as do the plastic fasteners and the strings ... and trying to get anyone to help with replacements or get work done under their 'guarantee' involves endless phone calls, texts and emails most of which are never answered. Constant pressure, reporting them to Trading Standards and threats of the Small Claims courts eventually get through but it is a company I would suggest you avoid if you want properly installed windows and any kind of post-sales service.
8 bulan yang lalu