Cornus Garden Design

A Nantucket Garden

The rear garden of this modern house lacked atmosphere and appeal and the owners were at a loss to know how to tackle the challenges it posed. Luckily they were willing to give me a free hand and I was able to move structures, bring in new textures and add lashings of colour! By reducing the size of the lawn and gravelling the areas close to the house and adding new free form beds planted with roses and perennials, I was able to bring the garden to the house and allow the owners year-round access to their plants. The planting is low-maintenance and high impact with colour, fragrance and movement for much of the year. Understanding the owner's US origins and her love of the sea and plants lead to the concept of a Nantucket garden.

Ukuran total
75 × 10 m (Panjang, Lebar)
Biaya total