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Designer, widianto utomo
Designer, widianto utomo
Designer, widianto utomo
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    b (eau)


    B(eau)= beau-beauty+ eau-water = divine water. The b(eau) design concept was inspired by the branch of olive tree and the philosophy behind it. Olive tree= for many centuries have provide food for many people, as a symbol of wealth in ancient time, long life lived tree, essence or symbol of life, has linkage between drinking and eating, connecting one with others emotionally both before and after harvest. While the material is being used is porcelain/china for its quality in term of hygiene consideration and cultural-emotional value as porcelain has been used for many generation in human civilization history. Porcelain=conglomerate (as part) -clay- handmade/machine with human touch-finish product (as whole)= flow= sense of connection between earth-human, human-human, and human- nature (as a container).

    B(eau) is a water/liquid container that encourages the creation of intertwining relationship between the earth-human from its material and the way it made. Human-human, how the container will be used and will encourage sharing between one with another both physically and emotionally; appreciating that b(eau) should be used together, promoting understanding among its users. At the end human-nature relationship, to look at its relationship as container and its contain and the value of its contain for our lives.