Secret Garden

Project name: Secret Garden

Architects: bandesign,Ltd. Hisanori Ban

Location: Komaki City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan

Site area: 473.97sqm

Building area: 144.53sqm

Year: 2014

Photographs: Shigetomo Mizuno

A family has never been forgotten pretty comfortable space. They remember that one day went camping to a valley, go ahead bravely in deep, and then found a place finally where they could see no people without the family. The family named it Secret Garden. There is everything at the garden and every necessary in the tent for the family. They imaged for them house as the place.

The site is south-north 32m/105ft long and east-west 16m/52.5ft long. It was divided askew half and half, a house and a garden. Along a river and a street, the house is placed. Many people are walking on the street and the family demanded keeping them privacy at the same time feeling of a freedom. In order to keep privacy, the house has RC wall with hill. The people could not see inside of the house and the garden because of the RC wall, but the family could see the garden with keeping privacy, and the hill that heap up earth makes 3 dimensional seen for the family.   In addition, if they mount the hill, they could reach the observation roof deck by the pass with no gap. In a night, the family could walk on making out the pass by moonlight. Sometime the people can see an unusual happening as the RC wall with floating the family. Taking advantage of heaping up earth, the hill provides stable temperature. Under the ground, the temperature keeps stably. The house has 30m long tube under the ground and run air through the tube for 24 hours. We called it the heat cool tube. Geothermal utilization of the house makes consequently the temperature rising or downing 5°~10°.